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The Temp Life: Nadia

Welcome to The Temp Life, a regular series where we chat with current and former temps about the whats, whys, and hows of temporary work. This week we spoke to Nadia; a 34 year-old actor and director who began temping to tide her over when theatre work was scarce.

Age: 34

Profession: Director & Actor

Previous Temp Roles:

All of my roles have been reception based.

Why did you become a temp?

I dipped in and out of temping often when changing the type of work I did as an actor. When I first started temping in London it was following a year of working in Theatre Education, and I had decided I wanted to move into more Fringe Theatre based roles. Temping was a way of financially easing myself through that transition period, replacing previous Theatre Education work with temp jobs, as I started exploring a new area of the Arts.

How has temping aided your career progression?

Temping gave me the flexibility to audition regularly, whereas other jobs I had done (such as teaching and workshop leading) hadn't. It also introduced me to some amazing contacts, and in my last temp job (reception cover at a production company) I ended up meeting a TV and Film producer who I am now working with.

What are the best things about temporary work?

You can decide how much or how little you do, from a few days to a few months, to tide you over in quieter times or in-between acting jobs. Also, you get to sit down, which is pretty unusual in my industry, and I was definitely glad to give my feet a rest. Last, but by no means least, temping has proved to be the only work where I have been sent so many vouchers with money-off schemes on a company email!