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The Temp Life: Bee

Welcome to The Temp Life, a regular series where we chat with current and former temps about the whats, whys, and hows of temporary work. This week we spoke to Bee; a 30 year-old makeup artist, who became a temp to fund her career change into the beauty industry.

Age: 30

Profession: Makeup Artist

Previous Temp Roles:

Receptionist and team assistant.

Why did you become a temp?

To enable me to keep going after my dream job. The make-up world is structured similarly to a lot of creative industries, whereby jobs can pop up at anytime, but can also be difficult to come by. Temping enabled me to fill in the gaps in my work week, so that I always had a financial fall-back when make-up jobs were few and far between.

How has temping aided your career progression?

It allowed me to continue living in London when my other work was low. As well as providing financial security, it has been an immense support in terms of my mental well-being, when worries about my career in the make-up industry have shaken my confidence. Finally, the ability to take on as much (or as little, for that matter) temp work as I wanted — doing extra shifts whenever possible — provided me with additional income which I was able to put towards the make-up supplies and kit that I needed.

What are the best things about temporary work?

I love the flexibility of temp work, and that you can be working in variety of places and meeting different people and doing different jobs each time. Also, the pay is usually pretty good (definitely better that the bar jobs I've had)!