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The Temp Life: Alex

Welcome to The Temp Life, a regular series where we chat with current and former temps about the whats, whys, and hows of temporary work. This week we spoke to Alex; a 27 year-old physical theatre practitioner who fits ad-hoc temporary roles around rehearsals and performances.

Age: 27

Profession: Physical Theatre Practitioner Previous Temp Roles: Mainly secretarial and administrative

Why did you become a temp?

Temping affords you a certain amount of flexibility, which is ideal for professionals in the creative arts sector. The hourly rate is higher than in the hospitality industry, and you tend to work more sociable, daytime, hours; which means I am always able to attend evening rehearsals and performances.

How has temping aided your career progression?

It has given me access to a variety of corporate environments, and I've certainly developed many new skills thanks to this. In particular, I feel much more confident in tailoring modes of communication depending on the industry and the type of work I am undertaking.

What are the best things about temporary work?

Temp work means that I am pretty much always based in Central London, which is incredibly convenient for theatre work, as well as keeping in touch with friends.