• The Recruitment Team

The next thing to learn... Coding.

In a world where technology is becoming more and more important for the development of successful business, you could be missing out on your future career if you haven't got the skills.

Not only does it provide the opportunity for roles in exciting companies, but an understanding of code can open doors to other roles that rely on communication with developers.

So why should you learn to code? Here are a few reasons:

1. Opportunities

Acquiring a new skill will always increase your career prospects, and coding is the thing of the moment. Technology is quickly becoming a key part of every industry and the never-ending lists of job opportunities posted online on a daily basis only reinforces the idea that demand is high and supply is short.

Recent studies have suggested that there will be a demand for an additional 800,000 employees with digital skills in Europe alone in the next 5 years. An understanding of code will put you a step ahead of many applicants and increase your chances.

2. It's lucrative

Markets are driven by supply and demand. Technology expertise is going to be well paid because almost every employer is in need of some sort of skill-base. Starting salaries for junior positions start at around £30k which is good by any standards. These rates can rise to £65k+ for more senior roles, and with some entrepreneurialism on top, the sky's the limit really.

3. Keeping up with the kids

Because of growing accessibility to both technology and education, more and more young people are developing coding skills for earlier and earlier ages. This means that the kids of the landline generation are at risk of being left behind by teens under the age of 16. The rate at which technology is advancing means there's no more room for indifference to change. It's happening with or without you... in bedrooms and classrooms across the country.

4. Autonomy

The brilliance of the coding life is that you can do it from anywhere, and you can work with people all over the world. Whether it's HTML, CSS, Python or Javascript, code is a universal language.

And of course, with all that extra cash, you'll actually be able to travel whilst you work. So get learning, and then get out there and see the world.

5. Better you

Coding takes a specific sort of thinking, and at the simplest level, you will hone your problem-solving skills as you learn. Whether it's bug checking, spotting errors in your coding, or bending the tech to your will, you will find yourself overcoming bigger and bigger obstacles.

What's more, it will naturally make you more inquisitive. When you discover what is available at your fingertips, there's nothing left to do other than venture out into the world and find out more.

6. Never-ending journey

Like any language, coding languages are constantly evolving. Not in the literal mechanisms, but in their capabilities, and the frameworks and tools that can streamline the development process. Therefore, this journey will continue for the rest of your career, and the rest of your life. And even if you get stuck, there's a whole network of people out there ready to help you with you learning process.

There are a multitude of resources both free and paid, online and in person that can introduce you to the world of code, and so, why not start today and improve you career prospects, creativity and passion from day 1?