• The Recruitment Team

"Temp" isn't a dirty word anymore and we'll tell you why.

For many years the idea of being a Temp has been associated with some strange inability to get a permanent job, and for some reason made people think of low paid, low skilled jobs. But that simply isn't the case any more. Temporary and Contract work has some enormous benefits and we want to tell you what they are.

1. You do you.

When you're a temp, you have far more flexibility in your life than if you have a full time permanent job. Of course, with that comes the responsibility of managing your own schedule and self-motivating to some extent, but if you can do that, you have the chance to choose to work as and when you want to. The best part? If you have a good relationship with your agent, when they ring you for a contract you don't want, you can just say no! Simple!

N.B. You do have to account for the fact that work comes and goes, and there's no guarantee that when you need the work it'll be there. Keep it in mind before you quit your sure thing and jump into the temp world.

2. The skills.

One of the biggest advantage of being a temp is the diversity of the roles. You will be able to acquire a wide range a skills from the roles you take, and that will only make your CV better and better. The most important thing is to take the opportunity to learn. The nature of the work means you can and will be thrown into new tasks at a moments notice, but if you make the most of it, you'll develop into a solid, multi-talented candidate if and when you decide on something more permanent.

3. Just right...

As mentioned above, the nature of temporary work means you get to do a number of different things. This gives you the unique opportunity to try before you buy. Short term contracts get you through the door of companies that you wouldn't otherwise get an insight into and that means that when you choose a career, you can do it as a well qualified, and more importantly, a well informed individual.

Take the chance to try out different sectors, different roles, different companies even to find the one that suits you most perfectly.

4. Network, network, network.

It's not what you know, it's who you know. The old adage is frustrating, especially when you spend much of your education and early career learning skills to better suit roles, but the biggest benefit temping is the contacts. Without a doubt.

Hypothetical situation. You find your dream company. You find your dream role. You know you're perfect. If you've been in a temp contract for that company you already know the key people involved in the hiring process, but more importantly they know you! Nine times out of ten a company will look to hire someone they know is good rather than take a punt on someone they don't. If you've already proved yourself you've done half the job already. And the cherry on top? If they know you're good enough, you have far more negotiating power when it comes to salaries, benefits and career progression. You don't need to wait, proving yourself during a notice period, before you talk about what you want. Harness the connections you make during temping and you'll find the world of work to be supportive and developmental.

N.B. Approximately 66% of temporary contracts resulted in an offer of permanent work.

5. So much to choose from.

50% of companies in the UK used temps last year to support with both the day to day of the business and specific projects. That means there are near on 445,000 companies out there that you could work for in one capacity or another. That's a lot of options.

So start taking advantage now. You might just find the perfect job in the perfect company and have the chance to launch the career you really want!