• The Recruitment Team

So what do you do outside of work..?

A dreaded question, or the chance to show the recruiter or employer just how interesting you are? It's the chance to put the cherry on top of your application, whether in the hobbies section of your CV or when you're asked the question in an interview.

Some people worry a little too much about the smallest section of your CV. Your hobbies and interests. And yet, it is never going to be the reason you don't get the job, but it might be the reason you do.

The hobbies section of a CV allows the recruiter or employer to see who you are as an individual, and to understand what skills you have acquired on your own, without a manager breathing down your neck.

So what's relevant?

Anything can be relevant, as long as its something you do in your free time, whether for pay or not, that is something you do because it interests you, or because you enjoy it. This can include sports, music, art, writing, or even taking courses for personal interest. All of these things count as hobbies and can show just how well-rounded and motivated you are.

Why put it on there?

Well there are a few reasons:

- To make you stand out from the crowd.

- Shows that you're interested in things outside of work.

- Can be a good way to present skills that might be relevant.

- Might show that you think about people around you. (i.e. volunteering)

- Gives you something to discuss in an interview.

Where do it put them?

Right at the bottom... at the very end. You would never put the cherry in the middle of the sundae. This is the finishing touch to your CV.

THE GOLDEN RULES (Interview or CV):

1. Keep it short

2. Keep it relevant to the job

3. Right at the end of the CV

4. Don't mention watching television or socialising

5. Don't mention watching television or socialising

6. If you need the space, lose it

7. If you don't have anything of interest, don't fluff it up, just leave it off!


See... simple. Your interests are meant to show your recruiter or future employer that you are interested in more than just work, and that you are more than just the words on the page! Take advantage of that.

p.s. Please don't mention watching television or socialising...