• The Recruitment Team

LinkedIn not LinkedOut...

Recruiters will often check out your LinkedIn profile, so how do you put together the best LinkedIn profile you can?

We all know it's time-consuming ensuring you have the best LinkedIn profile possible, but it can be the difference between the offer of an interview and a brush off, so it's important to present yourself as well as possible online, even if they do have your CV to look at! What's more, with application process often running through their jobs platform, your profile is sometimes the first place they'll start.

Here are a few tips on how to get off to the best start with LinkedIn.

1. Honesty is the best policy.

You want to use every aspect of your profile to sell yourself, but it is key that you utilise your Bio as much as possible. This little paragraph gives you the best opportunity to tell people a little about who you are. Therefore, make sure you are clear, concise and straightforward about yourself. That way you will entice employers and recruiters to scroll down and check out the rest of your profile.

2. Details, details, details.

What would be logic behind missing things off your profile. Right? There isn't any. Therefore you should include every detail of your experience. Even if you have limited experience, put everything on there. That way viewers get a complete insight into what you have done throughout your career.

3. So multitalented...

The skills section of your profile gives you the chance to show recruiters just how multi-faceted you are. It's quick and easy, and will show that you have acquired a wide range of skills both in and out of work. Of course, that being said, make sure you can actually do what you say. You don't want to be called out on your HTML skills when you couldn't find a keyboard if it bit you.

4. Lights, Camera, Action.

You profile picture is the first thing that a recruiter or employer will look at. So, as with everything else, do it well. A sharp photo will get you off on the right foot. So what to avoid? Blurry pictures. Group pictures. Casual photos. Keep it simple, plain background, simple headshot. Don't look miserable. And make it clear, that way interviewers will have the benefit of recognising you when they meet you.

But why not just avoid the photo all together? Because, strangely, no photo makes people suspicious. They're not going to judge you outright on your photo, but seeing your face will build trust before they've even met you, and that's something you want.

5. Send connection request...

It can be daunting pinging out requests to every Tom, Dick and Harry, but connections are beneficial. Not only do you open yourself up to new contacts, but the more connections you have the more proactive you look. It also gives people the chance to come to you which, assuming we're all equally despondent about the recruitment process, will expedite the process and help you land the perfect job.

Don't forget, this is a chance to sell yourself, so take advantage, fill up your profile, and take the first steps towards getting hired.